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writing a NewStory

because LOVE is Action

NewStory is an empowerment center, that runs educational and cultural

programs with the vision of cultivating a global society that lives by the universal

values of compassion, freedom, peace and partnership.

Our Vision
is a growing movement founded in order to ignite a transformation in the collective consciousness.

We believe that every global crisis (animal cruelty, war or poverty) stems from the same roots of separateness and selfishness which have become our auto-pilot mindsets. Therefore, once people awaken to, and choose to live by the universal laws of nature - a simultaneous celebration of unity and diversity - humanity will flourish and the adversities will naturally heal. Hence, Generation One strives to promote justice and peace by setting an example, taking action and encouraging people to expand their perspective beyond the separate self.

Our Projects & Actions

TransForum Experience
A collaboration between 40 artists, that takes the audience on a transformative journey from separate individuals to One. A unique combination of performance art, tribal party and spiritual journey that strives to open one's mind and heart to the opportunities that lie within real human connection.

an Open Heart Stance -
Inspirational practice book

What difference do I make in this world? How can I create the reality I dream of and embody the values my society will thrive on? A synthesis of ancient wisdom and practical exercises which foster a meaningful and impactful connection to one's own vision, and pave the road towards realizing it in the context of modern society.

Compassion for all Beings
The Compassionate Stance Necklace is an international campaign for animal rights, launched by GO and Nano Jewlery. The words LET ANIMALS LIVE are engraved on the pendant in 60 languages, signifying our belief in compassion for all living beings. All proceeds go into further projects that cultivate a culture of compassion.

Generation One Kids
The Hope Agents educational program tailored to the younger sector of our generation, fostering prosocial values and providing children with practical tools to embody those values in the face to daily challenges.


GO is a non-profit NGO run entirely by volunteers, currently reliant solely on registration fees of participants in the various programs. The organization has a thorough business plan for the next decade, with a clear intention to expand globally and collaborate with partners who share our vision in various fields of action.

Hope Agents Program
An adult-education program that combines personal growth with social impact, stemming from the understanding that every change we wish to see in the world must start within. The program equips the participants with practical tools and knowledge that support them in being active changemakers in society.

New Organizational Culture - Generation One for Businesses
A collection of workplace workshops that empower organizations through the cultivation of working cultures based on positive communication, interpersonal connection and connection to the organization's vision.

Peace & Non-Violence stance
Quarterly events each dedicated to a pressing global challenge such as social justice, human rights, peace etc. The events host a couple of key changemakers from the relevant field, who come to share their experience and inspire the audience to make a stance and take action.

Hope Agents Community
The growing movement of Hope Agents come together on a monthly basis in diverse events that continue the celebration, deepen connections and share inspiration on the road of personal growth and social activism.

Inspiring Out in the Streets
Each months Hope Agents create street projects that translate love into action. Each project has a unique message and target, with a common aim of inspiring human connection, spreading joy and steering public agenda and conversation towards topics such compassion, freedom, peace and justice.

 Partners in vision & actions

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